Warbird Photos Aviation and Airshow Photography by Britt DietzWarbird Photos Aviation and Airshow Photography by Britt Dietz
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Here you'll find in depth reviews of recent Airshows and special Aviation Events by aviation photographer Britt Dietz from all around the west coast of the United States. Each review features a comprehensive write up on the show including the performers, vendors, parking, and some information about the history of the Military base or airport. Accompanying each Review is a full photo gallery from the Airshow posted here on Warbird Photos. For older years, select a year on the right! Reviews are posted as quickly as possible following an airshow.
MCAS Miramar Airshow - September 30-32, 2011
MCAS Miramar Airshow 2011
 September 30-32, 2011 - MCAS Miramar
 San Diego, California - Nestled in the northern edge of San Diego County, you'll find a base with so much history and fame from a little movie that was shot there called 'Top Gun.' MCAS Miramar, about 10 miles north of the main San Diego city, was built in 1917 during World War 1 by the US Army and called Camp Kearny.... [READ MORE]
MCAS El Toro Airshow - July 09, 2011
MCAS El Toro Airshow 2011
 July 09, 2011 - The Great Park
 Irvine, California - For anyone who has lived since the mid 1990s in the Santa Ana or Irvine region, if you were to ask them what the biggest Military presence in the area was they'd probably answer either the MCAS Tustin blimp hangar base, but more so than that you'd find most people would say the MCAS El Toro base in Irvine. Prior... [READ MORE]
Centennial of Naval Aviation - February 11-12, 2011
Centennial of Naval Aviation 2011
 February 11-12, 2011 - Naval Air Station North Island
 San Diego, California - You could say that it was 100 years in the making, a celebration of epic proportions. United States Naval Aviation has a big birthday this month, turning the big 100 years old and what type of party would this be without a big celebration? Not just any birthday party, a year long multi event celebration of the Centennial... [READ MORE]